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Shane Gamache

25 years

of experience!

Shane was raised in a small farming community, where he developed a strong appreciation for hard work. Growing up, he was always drawn to the fast-paced and physical world of hockey, and spent many hours lacing up his skates and hitting the ice. At a young age  Shane discovered a passion for heavy equipment, fascinated by the power and precision of these machines. Today, Shane combines his love of nature, the environment, and heavy equipment in his personal and professional pursuits, always seeking new adventures and challenges.

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Quality Excavation:

Serving Cochrane 
& Beyond with

2 committed brothers, one dream; to provide quality excavation 
services to the people of Cochrane, AB and surrounding area.  

Reliability and Expertise

Comprehensive Solutions

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GamacheBros prides itself on its decades of experience and expertise in excavation and site preparation.

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With a wide range of services, including land clearing, gravel driveway construction, road building, and snow removal.

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Commitment to Safety

Safety and environmental responsibility are paramount at GamacheBros. We prioritize the well-being of our team members.

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Built on Quality Workmanship.

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We bring years of expertise to residential, commercial and industrial excavation services.  We are your one-stop solution for whatever dirt work you need completed.  Foundations, gravel driveways, parking lots and site services are just a few of our offerings.  Give a call to see if we are right for you!

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Whether you need rock hauled for your new driveway or dirt removed from your development, we get it done right.  We offer spreading services which will make your DIY job so much quicker!  If operating equipment isn't for you, we'll do it for you!

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Grading and  Trenching

You need a well-prepared site with strong foundations so let us get to work!  A good focus on drainage and grading will set your project up for success!  Your utilities will sleep soundly in the dirt! 

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Site Clearing and Preparation

Land clearing and site preparation are what we do best!  If you're looking to expand and develop your acreage, look no further!  We can do it all so give us a call!

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Snow Removal

Cochrane winters are filled with freeze and thaw cycles so snow and ice removal can be challenging.  To be sure that your driveway is safe and clear all winter long, let us do the work for you!  We also provide snow removal and sanding services for commercial and industrial locations in and around Cochrane!

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Road Construction

I won't lie, I do love road construction and when you love something, you get darn good at it.  Let us build you that perfect access to whatever site you need whether it be your own home, some land you've be dreaming about developing or perhaps that new shop you're building.  We can do it all!  

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Professional Staff

100% Satisfaction

Accurate Testing

Transparent Pricing

Request A Quote

Welcome to Gamache Bros! We're your trusted partner for all your construction needs. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to your vision. Contact us today for a personalized quote and let's bring your project to life together.

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Our Location

PO Box 218
Cochrane, AB.
T4C 1A5

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us!


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  • What services does GamacheBros offer?
    GamacheBros offers a wide range of excavation and site preparation services, including land clearing, gravel driveway construction, road building, rock and dirt hauling, trenching, grading, and snow and ice removal.
  • How do I request a quote for a project?
    To request a quote, simply visit our website's contact page and fill out the form with your project details, or give us a call directly. We'll promptly assess your needs and provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your requirements.
  • Is GamacheBros licensed and insured?
    Yes, GamacheBros is fully licensed and insured. We prioritize safety and compliance with all regulations, giving our clients peace of mind throughout every project.
  • What areas does GamacheBros serve?
    We proudly serve clients throughout Cochrane. Whether you're located in urban, suburban, or rural settings, we're equipped to meet your excavation and site preparation needs.
  • How experienced is the GamacheBros team?
    Our team brings decades of combined experience to every project. We have the expertise, skills, and dedication to deliver exceptional results, no matter the scope or complexity of the job.
  • Can GamacheBros handle environmentally sensitive projects?
    Absolutely. We understand the importance of environmental stewardship and always strive to minimize our impact on natural surroundings. Our team employs best practices for erosion control, habitat preservation, and sustainable land management.
  • How long does a typical project take to complete?
    The duration of a project depends on several factors, such as size, complexity, and weather conditions. We'll provide you with a timeline estimate during the quoting process and keep you updated on progress throughout the project.
  • Does GamacheBros offer maintenance services for gravel driveways and roads?
    Yes, we offer maintenance services to ensure the longevity and functionality of gravel driveways, roads, and other surfaces. From grading and pothole repair to dust suppression, we'll keep your surfaces in top condition.
  • What payment methods does GamacheBros accept?
    We accept various payment methods, including checks, credit cards, and electronic bank transfers. Our goal is to make the payment process convenient and hassle-free for our clients.
  • What types of equipment does GamacheBros use?
    We utilize a modern fleet of specialized equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, graders, and snow removal machinery. This advanced machinery allows us to efficiently tackle various projects with precision and reliability.
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